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Skinny Dipping in the Electronic Pool

by bill wayman on 03/30/11

Things have calmed down enough to allow form some much needed website work.

  • Have added brands carried page & also rewrote the about us page per the recomendation of Oly, the website consultant.
  • AG is away on vacation after a quick training last week. One more training when he gets back & I will be able to post some completed pictures of his project. For those who are not aware of this project, this is the large log home we designed last year & who's completion occured in just the past month.
  • Ray is continuing his repair work on all those movie theater headphones along with the commercial sound system for the manufacturing plant in Central Maine.
  • ST just made it back from doing audio at the Bruins game and is resting up before the Soccer Matchs, Celtics Games, & of course the Boston Marathon.
  • I am splitting time between my personal Theater & getting ready for the Portland & Bangor Homeshows in April. Will be there representing Hilltop Log & Timber Homes, so stop by & say Hi.

As this is the first Blog, we would be more than welcome to accept any advice you might care to offer.

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1. Oly's muse said on 4/16/11 - 02:44PM
Oly has some additional suggestions for the website. He just went thur the whole thing this afternoon. His interpreter wrote it all down for him, since he has a terrible time holding the pen with his fuzzy little feet.

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