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This is usually where we tell you all kinds of warm fuzzy stuff about pets, kids, hobbies etc. While that's all nice, you're hiring us to do a job for you, not to become a roommate. (Oh, all right. 3 cats, 1 dog, photography, movies, music, woodworking.) Now that's out of the way, let's get a little more serious.

Why us you ask, what makes us different from the other companies that came up in your web search?
But I don't need my house rebuilt
Couple Enjoying Custom Home Theater

We know how your house was built, how your equipment runs, & best of all, how it is supposed to run because we have helped create what it is playing. Let us help you to get all you paid for.

Bill Wayman
AV Systems of Maine L.L.C.
I have built over 9 myself. We know how it's done, and work closely with the plumbers, electricians, carpenters, general contractors, and building inspectors. They know us and the fact that we won't hold them up and cost them and the project time and money.

We actually provide the local install services for companies such as Zip Express, On Call Installs, Install It Today, and others. We have done over 1,100 installs in the State of Maine.

Our staff has worked on movies productions, large outdoor events such as Live Aide, corporate events, theater, broadcast TV with ESPN, ABC, NBC etc.

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