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Klipsch Dedicated Custom Maine Home Theater

Klipsch Movie Palace
Whether you type it  Maine Home Custom Design Theater, Maine Custom Home Theatre,  Dedicated Maine Home Theater, or just "Really Big Maine Home Theater", it all comes down to the same thing; "I want the theater experience and a 50" or 60" TV just ain't gonna cut it."

Then that voice in your head talks to your pocket book and says "Not happening, better go buy some lottery tickets" Not quite so fast. for those of you who have looked at the Art Deco Theater Project, you know that this does not have to be the case. Prices on projectors have come down to the range of that 60" TV and picture can be as good as, or frankly better, than that TV.

This time Mr Peabody has set the wayback machine to North Central Maine for a install that the customer has wanted ever since he bought the house. In fact, he says one of the reasons he bought this house because of this room. As with almost all of our installs, we examined the existing equipment & speakers and expanded the system with those pieces in mind.
The Starting Point
Room specs: 12' high, 30' deep, 16' wide with sloping ceiling at sides. 3rd floor.
Dennon Audio Calibration by AV Systems of Maine
Draping continues for Maine Custom Home Theater install
Draping for Maine Klipsch Custom Home Theater
Existing Klipsch Home Theater Speakers
First Video picture of JVC RS65 installed by AV Systems of Maine
Klipsch Home Theater Before picture
Inspector General
Panamorph Lens from AV Systems of Maine
Klipsch Main Speaker Placement trial
Klipsch Custom Maine Home Theater Audio Setup
Completed Rack for Kilipsch Custom Home Theater in Maine
Custom Maine Home Theater Equipment Rack
Rear Speaker Clamp mounting bracket
Seating Riser for Kipsch Custom Home Theater in Maine
Back of Kipsch Custom Home Theater before construction
Install of Klipsch Home Theater by AV Systems of Maine
Klipsch Custom Maine Home Theater Curved CinemaScopeScreen
Klipsch Custom Maine Home Theater Front of Room
Curved Proscenium by AV Systems of Maine
Custom Maine Home Theater CinemaScope Screen
Custom Maine Home Theater CinemaScope Screen trial fit
Klipsch Maine Custom Home Theater False wall construction begins
Custom Klipsch Home Theater Lighting Test in Maine
AV Systems of Maine L.L.C. equipment trailer
Drsape Front Wall & curved stage for Custom Klipsch Home Theater by AV Systems of Maine
Curved Stage framing for Maine Custom Home Theater Install
Cuustom desighen platform for Maine Klipsch Custom Home Theater
Wide shot of Maine Custom Home Theater using Klipsch Reference Speakers
Front of room looking towards future equipment rack location
Existing Klipsch Reference Series Speakers
Back of existing room looking towards stairs. Note surround speakers on stands at ear level behind seating area
Let the Work Begin
Front of room looking towards future screen wall location. Screen parts located to the right, equipment rack parts to the left
Screen parts.
Screen built and on temp support to determine height placement in regards to slope ceiling
False wall framing begins.
Platform for speaker to allow main front 3 speakers to fire thru the acoustically transparent screen
Measuring for center channel platform height to allow center tweeter to match tweeter height of main left and right speakers.
Black draping begins to enclose screen area.
Black draping continues.
TheEquipment Rack takes shape under a watchful eye
Unassembled rack.
Completed rack.
The Inspector.
Construction of Stage & Seating Riser
Customer requested a curved front stage with lighting below. 2x4 framing to keep stage low covered in 3/4 advantec gold plywood flooring for strength.
Second row of seating required 15" riser to see over front row. Stair located to right corner of riser. 2x6 framing with 2x8 top stiffeners and cross bracing with 3/4" advantec as in stage.
Projector & Motorized Panamorph Lens
JVC Reference RS65 projector suspended from roof framing with threaded pipe. Motorized panamorph lens is attached in front of projector. Wiring was routed in the rafter bay behind the ceiling to the equipment rack.
Wide shot of JVC Reference RS65 projector and surround speakers now mounted above the seating area for better sound. Equipment rack is seen peeking out behind wall on the right.
Screen over lights & speaker rear lighting active.
Lighting Test
Screen over lights & front screen lights active, projector on.
Wider view of lighting before gold proscenium trim and change of overlighting to blue
Trim now attched and pained hammered gold. Blue overlighting installed and front screen lighting on. Rope light under carpeted stage is also visiable.
Audio Setup
First Video picture, no touchup, no pause
Rear Speaker Mounting
Stay tuned as this project is still underway