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Maine Home Theater Install & Repair

" What the Wire" Repair
What you see before you is all too common an occurrence. Bet you have something similar behind your system, so no snickering. What we have here is a combination of poor layout on the part of the builder, addition of equipment over the years by the homeowner, and at least one Sat installer. Allow to age and you have what you see here.
Wide view of the room with bottom cabinets already emptied out and repaired speakers ready to be swaped into system.
Equipment all in plain view (existing)
cabinet cleared for equipment new home
closeup on existing TV condition.
During & After
Existing setup with new TV in box. Old TV moved to bedroom
Existing TV removed
Existing equipment moved to new location inside of cabinet with IR repeater system installed to allow control of equipment while hidden.

Existing TV removed
IR pickup install on TV

IR transmitters installed on equipment

Repaired Speakers

Completed Room. Turntable now located where stereo gear was located. All Stereo gear now installed behind cabinet doors.
One button Harmony remote control, replaces 4 existing remotes