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TV Mounting Over Fireplace

Can you Mount a TV over the Fireplace? We get this question all of the time, and the answer is yes. most times we are able to hide the wires in the wall (concealed install), but occasionally, due to the fireplace construction methods used, we may have to use a cover track.

When it comes to fireplaces, we always want to come  over & take a look at the condition of the wall and the fireplace. We want to make certain that it can be done safely and that the quote will cover everything that will need to be done, no surprises.
Tv mounted over Fireplace in Loghome
hidden equpment rack for TV Mounted over fireplace
Equipment rack for TV Mounted over Fireplace
Trial fit to determine how far up to install stone facing
Equipment installed behind door in rack with IR repeater for clean look to room.
TV Mounted over Fireplace, Wide View
Wide shot of room during construction
Side view of TV Mounted over Fireplace
Wider view of TV Mounted over Firteplace
couple of side views shot during construction

TV Over Fireplace 2

Wide View of TV Mounted over Fireplace
Tv Mounted over Fireplace in Maine, Side View
Finished TV Mounting over Fireplace
Tv Mount shown for TV Mounted over fireplace
Power & wires run for TV Mounted over Fireplace
During.... Tv mount, power, wires...
During.... Tv mount, power, wires, speaker wire plate for future center channel
Completed.....side view
Completed.... front view
Completed .... wide view. All equipment installed behind camera position in cabinet.
The Inspection Crew...10 weeks old, had to remove from tool bags upon leaving

TV Over Fireplace 3

TV Mounted over brick fireplace
TV Mounted over fireplace wide view
Before shot of TV mounting Service in Maine
Some simple before and after shots. Believe it or not this was a all day install due to the fireplace construction that made in nessary to go thru 4 walls, a closet, and the basement to get to the cabinet in the corner.