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"Revenge of the Wires" Repair
Where to begin? We received a call from a customer in Portland that was doing a addition and wanted us to install a TV over a fireplace & look at their existing system as it never worked very well and was too hard to use. During the consult, the fireplace install looked fairly straight forward other than the fact that the electrician, being unfamiliar with High Definition requirements had only run a RF cable to the TV instead of a HDMI. Simple fix.

The house system was a different matter entirely. Some of the problems were evident from the beginnings, while others surfaced during the repair.

Equipment all in plain view (existing)
The original system we were told was installed by a Custom Sound Store & Install business located in Southern Maine. They had been back several times to try and repair the system, but never got it to a point where the customers were able to use it, let alone feel comforatable that it would work when they did fire it up. Knowing the company involved and comparing it to what was in front of us, this just did not match the quality of work you would expect to see. We thought maybe the customer or someone else had gotten at the system, and in trying to fix it, created the mess we saw before us.

Sadly, based on what we saw inside the walls and behind the control, this seems to be entirely a bad install. Given that we don't know the full story of what went on, we will not mention the name of the other company.

Some things we found:

There was a fair amount more, but after awhile we honestly just stopped keeping track and just fixed it as we came across it.
During & After
First thing we did was to determine the status of all the equipment and get it into a proper rack. This allowed proper ventilation and easy access to the equipment in future.

Empty assembled rack
More in the next few days